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Dr. Ellie Zarrabian, Educator, Author, & Speaker.

A dynamic keynote speaker, Dr. Ellie engages audiences of all backgrounds and professions with her powerful message on building better relationships at home, work, school and in the community. Based on her forth coming book on conflict management, her topics include: "Transforming Conflict into Calm," "Six Steps to Managing Conflict and Improving Relationships," and "Turning Gossip into Gain."

Dr. Ellie addresses audiences worldwide through teleseminars, webinars and live interactions and looks forward to delivering her uplifting message to your audience. With a Doctorate degree in the field of Transpersonal Psychology plus ten years of teaching experience and twenty years in private practice, Dr. Ellie's expertise in non-violent communication and conflict management techniques are tried and true to work at home, work, school and in the community.

As a child survivor of war, Dr. Ellie is committed to building resilient people and communities by teaching people how to manage conflict in ways that offer long term, sustainable solutions for community building and peaceful co-existence.

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On Parenting.

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    6 Spiritual Laws of Success for Families

    Parents will learn the laws of successful parenting, where to begin and how to implement and monitor the steps.

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    Helping Kids Succeed in Life

    Parents will learn the difference between information intelligence (IQ) versus emotional intelligence (EQ) and how learning to manage emotions are an important part of raising happy, healthy, drug free and successful children.

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    How to Discipline Children without Punishing Them

    Parents will learn the difference between discipline and punishment, why one works long term and the other does not. Also, parents will learn simple tools on how to manage their child’s behavior and to set proper yet loving boundaries without having to punish them.

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    Mindful Parenting

    Parents will learn the difference between traditional versus mindful parenting, why being mindful is important, what are its benefits and learn steps to cultivating a mindful presence with their children.

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    Taming Temper Tantrums

    Parents will learn how stress and tantrums are linked, how stress impacts the mind and body, and how stress impacts having a good relationship with our kids. Simple and easy tips will be given on how to manage stress and decrease tantrums in both parents and toddlers.

On Wellness.

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    Everyday Spirituality

    Delve into spirituality 101 from inside out and watch stress decrease, joy increase and relationships improve.

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    Sacred Sexuality

    Develop a new relationship with your body and integrate your mind, body and spirit with your sexual energy.

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    Spirituality & Abundance

    Living with spiritual integrity AND financial abundance. Workshop will examine and break down blockages and belief systems around poverty, wealth and spiritual integrity.

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    Spirituality & Love

    Couples and singles will learn a pathway to a conscious, fulfilling and nurturing relationship. They will learn how to communicate effectively and manage conflict in a healthy and positive way.

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    Pathways to Wellness

    Learn how Spirituality, Mindfulness Meditation, Shamanic Healing Practices and Therapeutic Touch can be complimentary and holistic methods for coping with stress, anxiety and depression.

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    Stress Management

    Lower your stress level, decrease anxiety and hypertension but increase joy and well being. Participants will learn about stress, how it impact the mind and body, how it impacts relationships and learn a simple tool to manage stress daily.

If only everyone could shift the way they look at things just like she does, this world would turn into a better place. Dr. Ellie is more than just a speaker, she’s a role model! She means every word she says and the public awareness is growing because of her hard work.A. S. Chicago Illinois

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