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Everyone struggles with conflict. Whether at home, work, school or in the community, people can benefit from having better communication skills when it comes to managing conflict. That's why Dr. Ellie is committed to helping people decrease their stress. By learning how to constructively deal with frustration, anger, gossiping and hostility, people's stress level is significantly lowered. With lowered stress levels, relationships improve, morale changes, motivation and productivity increases.

Using the teachings as well as the exercises laid out in her forth coming book, "Six Degrees of Liberation: Finding Inner Peace Through Conflict," Dr. Ellie offers one day personal growth seminars to audiences worldwide on building better relationships and increasing motivation and productivity by managing conflict in daily life.

With a Doctorate degree in psychology, plus ten years of teaching experience and twenty years in private practice, Dr. Ellie's expertise in non-violent communication and conflict management techniques are tried and true to work at home, work, school and in the community. As a child survivor of war, Dr. Ellie is committed to building resilient people and communities by teaching people how to manage conflict in ways that offer long term, sustainable solutions for community building and peaceful co-existence.

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    Understanding conflict

    Know why conflict is a normal and natural part of life

  • Connector.

    Learning from conflict

    Understand the wisdom behind conflict and what it teaches us

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    Approaching conflict differently

    Approach conflict with a totally different mindset

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    Managing conflict

    Lean the basic skills that are needed to decrease stress, manage conflict and improve relationships

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    Applying the right skills

    Apply the skills in your relationships and see the results immediately!

I learned a lot from Dr. Ellie Zarrabian. She sets an example for the entire world to follow. A great person with a vision to restore humanity. I wish she would come to Minnesota and deliver her talk there.M. S. Nevada, Las Vegas

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