Transpersonal Counseling

Transpersonal Counseling for Creative People.

If you are a highly creative, artistic or think-out-of-the-box type of individual, Transpersonal counseling can be a powerful direction for you.

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What is it?

Transpersonal literally means “going beyond or through the personal.” Transpersonal psychologists and practitioners hold a non-dual perspective of reality, meaning life is a web of interconnected and interwoven systems held together as one body in our consciousness and cosmos. Therefore, our individual health and balance is directly interdependent with the health and balance we find in our society and with our planet as a whole. Transpersonal counseling embraces Western scientific thought as well as spiritual, mystical, meditative and shamanic experiences. Transpersonal psychology also addresses the overlap of disturbed states such as psychosis with spiritual states such as a spiritual awakening or an emergency.

How do I know this is needed?

If you or someone close to you is a highly sensitive or creative person and is having difficulty in the following areas such as relationship barriers, self-esteem barriers, work and family life issues, sexual and intimacy barriers and would like to get help, then Transpersonal counseling can be the right direction.

How to proceed.

Transpersonal psychotherapy can be a very validating and rewarding experience for individuals who are interested in spirituality and are looking for spiritually oriented psychotherapy. This can also be a very validating experience for couples since Transpersonal counseling enhances the relationship through personalized rituals and ceremonies along side the traditional counseling room sessions.If you want to see some positive changes happen in your life, contact Dr. Zarrabian now to set up a time for an initial consultation. You may utilize your sessions in English or Farsi, in person, by phone or via skype.

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    Sexual trauma

Dearest Ellie,

I got up at 4a.m. this morning, turned on the TV and watched Wayne Dyer on PBS. I usually don’t watch him. This time he was interviewing a woman who recently wrote the book “Dying To Be Me.” I knew what she was talking about. Each time I listen to her I cry.

When I lived in California and we worked together I remember having one specific experience while I was walking outside my house and I knew that Love Healed. It was a feeling and a knowing I experienced. This program reminded me of this and I cried for all the times I ever doubted myself and resisted.

You are a woman and friend who has always connected me back to spirit and I wanted to thank you.

Love,G.Z PA, 2013

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To find our more about the different healing modalities and to see which approach may be a more suitable path for you at this time and the direction you want to take in your life, or to inquire about any other questions or concerns you may have at this time, contact Dr. Zarrabian for a free phone consultation session.

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