Do You Find Yourself...

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    Looking for greater meaning and purpose in life?

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    Feeling lost or hopeless even though you are quite talented, even gifted?

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    Finding it hard to create change even though you know it is overdue?

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    Feeling stuck and angry at yourself for not living up to your full potential?

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    Want close, intimate and meaningful relationships but can't seem to find them?

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    Have a spiritual direction or orientation in life?

Welcome to Centerpeace .

I am Dr. Ellie Zarrabian and I once struggled with the same difficulties. But over time, along with a devoted spiritual practice, and many wonderful teachers, I have created a fulfilling life for myself. Now, as a healer and an educator, I offer the same tools to others who are seeking a healthier life. Begin by seeing my 2 minute video on practicing Mindfulness.

Ellie Zarrabian, Ph.D. Founder and Executive Director

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Transpersonal Healing
Transpersonal healing embraces Western scientific thought as well as spiritual, mystical, meditative and shamanic experiences. Transpersonal methods also address the overlap of disturbed states such as spiritual awakening or an emergency.
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Shamanic Healing
Shamanic healing is a system developed to help individuals become free of emotional pain by accessing inner resources and guidance to acquire health, balance, self-discovery, prosperity and personal and community well being.
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Therapeutic Touch
Research has shown that Therapeutic Touch is useful in reducing pain, improving wound healing, aiding relaxation, and easing the dying process. Therapeutic Touch uses a practice called “laying on of hands” to promote health. The word “touch” is misleading because physical touch is generally not involved. Instead, the hands hover over the body.
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Mindfulness Meditation with Dr. Ellie Zarrabian
Mindfulness is a practice of becoming aware of physical sensations, thoughts and emotions while they are taking place in the moment. The process of simply becoming aware changes recurring negative thoughts and emotions. This process allows the individual to become more familiar with all the mental chatter and distractions of the mind to eventually becoming free of them.
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We are launching a project on Leadership, focused in Los Angeles and the San Francisco Bay Area. We aim to help leaders in companies, nonprofit organizations, government, education, and across society to achieve greater leadership skills by cultivating emotional intelligence, in their own thinking, and in their day to day interactions with coworkers and employees.

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Rites of passage are important transitions in time to distinguish and mark the past from the present. These events prepare us for change and for what lies ahead while helping us let go of what is no longer needed from the past.
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Personal Growth Seminars
People can benefit from having better relationships at home and at work. Join Dr. Ellie’s monthly group discussions on “Women, Sex & the Sacred” and learn how to create deeper intimacy in relationships while addressing and letting go of fear and anger.
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Dr. Ellie Speaks
Everyone is affected by conflict. Conflict affects the quality of our relationships and how happy we feel in life. A dynamic keynote speaker, Dr Ellie engages audiences of all backgrounds and professions with her powerful message on building better relationships at home, work and in the community.
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What Clients Say.

Dear Ellie,
Words cannot express the love and gratitude that we hold in our hearts for you. The ceremony has become a reference point for our higher intentions. It exceeded our expectations and was a beautiful and appropriate way to usher us into our new life together.

All of our LoveM.H. & A.I.Hollywood, CA

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