Awakening to a Time of Renewal, Healing and Growth.


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Dear Conscious Community,

The challenges posed by the disheartening state of the world and the chaos and discord that surround us beckon a time for renewal, healing and growth for us as a global community. 

During such turbulent times, turning to various resources, including our faith is crucial. But when we question our faith or faith in general, then we are left to fend for ourselves and that can become an overwhelming task.

In my work as a healer, counselor and an educator, I work with people who are undergoing a crisis in their faith. Regardless of their faith, nationality, culture or religion, when we question everything about our life, including our faith, we end up in a place that is referred to as an existential crisis. This is a type of crisis where individuals suddenly question the meaning of their lives, their faith, and their reality.

This crisis is like a turning point that allows individuals to embark on a more mature path towards greater understanding, wisdom, compassion, and empathy. When we go through such a state, we have the opportunity to redo life in a very different and often life changing way. We get to explore how societal norms and values can sometimes fall short for us and this inner examination, though challenging, can be an opportunity for renewal and growth.

I like to draw a parallel between undergoing an existential crisis and climbing Mount Everest. Facing an existential crisis requires inner strength and perseverance comparable to getting ready to climb mount Everest. This climb is not for the weak of heart. In fact, going through such an experience and having to climb such a steep mountain is a period of deep introspection and questioning where individuals confront their inner demons and examine their lives, sometimes for the first time.

Individuals who are better prepared for this journey versus those who are not is seen in the way they climb and eventually get to the other side. With greater preparation, the positive outcomes of this crisis are much greater. These outcomes include but are not limited to developing a deeper sense of connection with the self and others, healing past wounds and trauma, and finding a renewed purpose in life. 

In my podcast I share a real-life example of a client who went through an existential crisis and successfully navigated it through self-exploration, introspection, and renewed faith. The client’s story illustrates the potential for growth, healing, and self-actualization that can arise from such an experience.

I encourage listeners to reflect on their own experiences and understanding of existential crises, and I provide prompts for self-reflection on your own. The podcast concludes with an invitation to explore fears and questions about experiencing or witnessing an existential crisis and suggests reaching out for guidance and support if needed.

Here is the link to the podcast. 

With love and blessings, 

Dr. Ellie

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