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From Chaos to Connection

Dear Conscious Community,

Given that we’re currently facing some very difficult and challenging times as a global community, it’s important for us to stay strong and afloat. The suggestions I made based on my own lived experience and knowledge are to help you to do the same in order for you to stay strong in mind and body.

In the last several months, I have created these podcasts to help you build more internal reserves or buffers in order to increase your chances of dealing with life difficulties and stressors with greater ease and success.

Now, to be able to do a better job in our individual lives as well as in relation with each other, we have to learn how to manage and work with pain.

  • That includes facing and dealing with our own pain as well as learning how to effectively deal with and manage the pain and suffering of others. So, in my sixth episode, I addressed the concept of pain as an important teacher that we can learn from.
  • When people are not aware of how much pain and suffering they’re carrying, they certainly wouldn’t know how to deal with other people who are carrying around their own pain.
  • Pain when dismissed or unmanaged can cause a great deal of harm in people’s life. In my podcast I give an example of a client I worked with who lost his beloved wife of 25 years due to cancer. You can learn more about his healing process and how he was able to turn his life around.

When we self-reflect and learn to work through our own pain, we free up a lot of our mental and emotional energy and that enables us to move along in life with greater ease, energy, motivation and enthusiasm.

As I’m sure you see for yourself, both in your own life and with those around you, most people are used to tackling issues from the outside in.

Many people tend to rush into trying to change external factors in their lives, like relationships or career issues, while ignoring their own pain and suffering. This approach can be counterproductive and lead to more problems. Instead, I advised to slow down, practice self-reflection, and take stock of one’s own internal state.

As a way to renew, heal and grow as individuals and as a community, it’s really important that we learn to take good care of our own mental and emotional health, especially during such tough times. But that can only happen when you first begin with yourself.

So please take time to self reflect on these teachings and take what you will from them so that you too may live a healthier and more balanced life.

With blessings,

–Dr. Ellie

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