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Dear Conscious Community,

This year marks the third year we are into the pandemic. By now it has become endemic. The coronavirus will continue to hang around like the flu virus, mutating every several months to a new form. This is a harsh reality that we have to accept as part of the crisis happening in our environment.

Of course, this is not the only environmental difficulty that we are dealing with on a global scale. As you can see, just in California, the weather patterns this year continue to create many difficulties. These are not temporary problems that happen and then end. They are ongoing, and like the virus, the weather will keep shifting into different and often extreme formations that will affect our lives more severely over time.

As people with busy lives, we often don’t feel these global shifts on a day-to-day basis – and thank goodness for that. For the most part, we go on with our lives, working, spending time with family and friends, going out, taking a vacation, buying a home, having children, and investing in our future. That is all well and good.

However, I am seeing a deeper current running through us, letting us know that something is not quite right. We may be aware that we need to do something about it, but we remain perplexed; what can we actually do to help ourselves? This nagging feeling shows us up in discreet ways, like a low-grade fever, an overall dissatisfaction or disappointment with life. Sometimes, it rises to the level of high-grade anxiety, still without knowing quite why we are feeling so anxious. It may also show up as dissatisfaction at work, where you might wonder how people continue to function in a seemingly normal manner amid a lack of true and connected concern, engagement, and care.

The pandemic period has seen marijuana legalized in many places. To address these deeper currents, I’ve begun offering cannabis-assisted healing to new and existing clients who are interested and have access to cannabis legally.

One of my clients has been facing these challenges in his life. He is a spiritually oriented man in his early forties, an avid meditator, successful at running a business in the arts and surrounded by friends and family. We had already worked together several years, using talk therapy, over a period of a few years, with good success.

Recently this same client came to me asking for help with what he was experiencing emotionally and physically in his body. He raised the issue as to whether cannabis-assisted healing could be the right direction for him. He felt talking further about his feelings might not offer him the kind of relief he was wanting.

We embarked upon a short series of cannabis-assisted healing sessions. Three sessions yielded promising results. He felt a significant shift.

This shift has been noteworthy and I asked him to describe it in his own words. This is what he wrote:

“Cannabis-assisted healing is a great alternative to talk therapy by itself. The free-form cannabis therapy session seems to allow one to bypass the conscious or rational mind and access deeper, more powerful, subconscious material directly.

Cannabis allows one to turn off critical thinking and ego structures to a degree, and with the proper guidance and an open mind, I was able to access layers of trapped emotion, thought, experience, and energy that I hadn’t reached in years.

With Ellie’s guidance in channeling it, I was able to express a significant amount of raw emotional, energetic material and gain substantial relief. Having Ellie as a guide was vital to not only maintaining a safe and sacred space for expression, but also for grounding the experience.”

I’ve shared more about this kind of work on my website and I’ve made a short video talking about why this can be a promising direction for people. Click here for the page.

I am happy to offer a free consultation session to see if this is the right direction for you. Also, please feel free to pass along this newsletter to any friends or family members who could use some help at this time.

With blessings,

Dr. Ellie

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