Cannabis and Mental Health

Cannabis offers new avenues for improving mental and emotional health. Work with an experienced practitioner to heal and grow.

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Cannabis-assisted healing with a trained and experienced doctor of psychology offers new avenues for healing and growth.

In these challenging times, we need ways to become more grounded. Healing sessions are a positive and creative response to pressure, stress, and the effects of trauma.

Dr. Ellie, who is trained in biology as well as psychology, compares cannabis-assisted therapy to psychic surgery. “Talk therapy is like going to a general practitioner. You work on many different areas,” she says. With cannabis in the mix, “It’s focused, like going in to remove a tumor. My client and I identify a specific problem, find something that needs to heal, and go in together and begin to heal it.”

Cannabis for health is a particularly useful tool in the hands of a spiritually grounded healer. Dr. Ellie is part of a multi-generational lineage of healers and is a doctor of psychology here in California. She has transcended and transformed challenging life circumstances through spirituality. With cannabis, clients can more easily tap into their own inner spiritual resources.

The work begins with a free introductory session. The client shares their concerns with Dr. Ellie, and she helps focus the discussion on a specific topic – a rock that needs to be moved in the client’s life.

Then, as soon as the next session, cannabis-assisted therapy can begin. “Cannabis reduces the client’s resistance; defense mechanisms are lowered. The client becomes a co-healer and we interact creatively. They participate actively in the discovery process.”

A few non-cannabis sessions then follow, allowing the client and practitioner to unwrap, work through, and resolve the specific problem area. The engagement can then stop for the time being or continue on to additional issues.

One of Dr. Ellie’s first clients to use cannabis-assisted healing has experienced dramatic results. They have been working on their challenges for more than 20 years and, with the new approach, they are finally getting relief and seeing real progress in their lives. “It’s life-changing,” says the client.

If you are interested in learning more, schedule an initial call with Dr. Ellie.

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Unconventional Means May Yield Dramatic Results

Many people find they reach a plateau in terms of how meditation is helping them in their lives. I can help you make your meditative practice a living presence and an ongoing source of spiritual connection and joy.
Dr. Ellie Zarrabian

Special Offer

Attend a free introductory session with Dr. Ellie.

This course is for you if...

You are an experienced meditator ...
... who is wanting to engage more deeply with their practice.
You lead others ...
... in meditation, or wish to do so.
You are new ...
... to meditation and want to get the most fro myour early efforts.
You have taken other meditation training ...
... and are particularly interested in the spiritual dimension.
You want to integrate spirituality ...
... more extensively into all aspects of your life.
When meditating, regardless of what’s going on in the world, you become grounded in something deeply rooted within yourself. Nothing can change it, break it, take it away or diminish its light. It becomes the source for nurturing and support forever, under any life circumstance. Throughout this process of learning to meditate, you learn to always come back to that source within yourself.
Dr. Ellie Zarrabian

Meet Your Teacher

Dr. Ellie Zarrabian is a healer with a foundation in the Sufi tradition and strong connections to her Persian Jewish roots, transpersonal psychology, therapeutic touch, and other teachings and schools of thought, including the sciences. She works with clients from many countries, various cultures/religions, different age groups and walks of life.

Dr. Ellie’s educational background includes a degree in psychobiology from UCLA and advanced degrees in transpersonal psychology and psychology from JFK University and Saybrook University in the Bay Area. (Faculty from these two schools were prominent in founding the Esalen Institute in Big Sur, California.)

Dr. Ellie has used cannabis with several clients and in her own life. This work began during the pandemic, at a time when people were physically and socially isolated and searching for deeper meaning in life.

According to Dr. Ellie, “What makes my experience with cannabis distinctive is that my ability to access altered states of consciousness has quite literally saved my life. As part of a lineage of healers, I found this ability as a child in Tehran. My family, my community and I experienced war, revolution, abuse, deprivation, displacement, resettlement, and starting over – in my family’s case, moving to a new country and a new continent twice within a few years. The ability to access altered states of consciousness was my pathway to a spiritual connection that saved me during these dark times, and that has been a light for me ever since.”

Dr. Ellie continues, “Through the use of cannabis, clients can more easily access these productive new states of being for themselves. This makes it easier for me to offer them spiritual growth and development as they resolve personal challenges. I look forward to meeting and working with people from all walks of life on this new frontier.”

Training Overview

Going Deeper is a five-week program with an hourly session each week. The session consists of Dr. Ellie’s insights into topics related to meditation and spirituality, tips for successful practice, a fire talk, and a brief shared meditation system at the end.

Dr. Ellie will lead this program. After each session, a recording will temporarily be made available for review or for use by those who are unable to join one of the live sessions.

Week 1

How Meditation Works.

Dr. Ellie will discuss the long history of meditative practices, with particular insight into Sufi practice and Jewish mysticism. She will give a brief demonstration of meditative basics and lead the class in meditation. 

Week 2

How Spirituality Aligns with Meditation.

How Dr. Ellie found meditation and its connection to spirituality in her own life. She then shows you how to develop this connection in your own practice. 

Week 3

Going Deeper.

You will hear from Dr. Ellie insights as to how to find your center, and suggestions as to how to then move forward with renewed energy and purpose. 

Week 4

Aiming Higher.

Dr. Ellie will lead an interactive session about how meditation and spirituality work together to help you in your life as a whole – to improve your resiliency, to cope better with challenges, and to connect more deeply with others. 

Week 5

Being of Service.

Dr. Ellie will explain how her own experiences with meditation and spirituality led to her lifelong career as a healer, and how you can use your own growth to be of greater service to others. 

Special Offer

Attend a free introductory session with Dr. Ellie.
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Dr. Ellie Zarrabian