Cigna Alcohol Rehab Centers

St John’s Recovery Place offers a variety of insurance plans that cover alcohol and drug addiction treatment. With cigna insurance plans, people have access to affordable and accessible substance addiction treatment. Depending on the programs and policies involved, several substance rehab options exist.

Our responsibility is to verify your drug rehab coverage, as well as providing you with an estimate of your financial obligation after payment from your insurance plan. Alcohol and drug rehab insurance coverage focus on helping clients deal with addiction and the mental and behavioral implications.

Coverage for essential care, mental illness, and several other behavioral challenges are affordable and accessible to all with the best insurance you can get for yourself.

The two types of insurance coverage for drug and alcohol rehab are HMO plans and PPO plans. Cigna insurance providers cover treatment for addiction to drugs and alcohol addiction.

Cigna insurance covers addiction to substance abuse regardless of the substance of abuse.

Our health insurance covers both drug and alcohol addiction. We cover all drugs that cause dependence and abuse.

What Is Cigna Insurance?

Cigna is a multinational health care and insurance company with insurance subsidiaries all over.  Cigna is a primary provider of medical and accident insurance as well as related health challenges.

Cigna is a worldwide health insurance company with several insurance customers.

Cigna offers Medicare and Medicaid plans to individuals in the U.S. as well as specific international markets.

The cost that accompanies seeking treatment for substance abuse is one reason people run away from it. However, it doesn’t have to be so challenging. Cigna insurance highlights plans to treating substance abuse and relieving the client of the financial burden. Cigna is available to help you and your loved ones decide on the plan that best suits your pocket and lifestyle.

What Are The Different Cigna Health Plans?

Cigna offers a variety of health plans, and these plans include:

Cigna HMO:

Cigna HMO plans require you to use only the services of a specified hospital. For an HMO plan, a specified amount is deducted monthly from the client and remitted monthly by the employer. HMOs, give you the option of choosing a primary care doctor who will assist in managing your health, monitoring you, and drug administration.

Cigna PPO:

Cigna PPP plans offer a comprehensive network of doctors and hospitals that the client could see and visit.

Substance treatment coverages vary according to each client’s plans. However, Cigna insurance has plans that cover the treatment of alcohol, heroin, prescription opioid, marijuana, methamphetamine, cocaine, benzodiazepine, prescription stimulant, drink, and sedative addiction.

Are you struggling with substance abuse? Do you need an insurance company that will help cover the cost of rehab? Search no more.

St John’s Recovery place has got you covered. With our partnership with Cigna insurance, we have got you covered.

Contact us today to speak with admissions, verify your insurance, or get help for someone you know with a drug addiction



Cigna Alcohol Rehab Centers

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Cigna Alcohol Rehab Centers

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