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Drugs come with a plethora of side effects, some rather benign at first, other extremely deceiving and damaging, on long-term. But the real danger of drug abuse is not because of the physical effects, which, by the way, can quickly prove lethal, but because of how drug consumption changes the individual. We, at Scottsdale Recovery, are primarily interested in analyzing how drugs affect the behavior and, in time, end up completely altering the personality.

As a reputed and experienced cocaine rehab center, we have seen what drugs do to people. Cocaine especially comes with particularly nasty effects, making it one of the most dangerous drugs in the world, coming right after cannabis regarding popularity. Recent statistics and information show the real magnitude of the situation:

- Over 37 million Americans 12 years of age or older have reported having consumed cocaine at least once in their lifetime in 2013

- Depending on the method of administering the dose and the quantity ingested or injected, cocaine can trigger addiction with the first use

- In some cases of cocaine intake, sudden death intervened during the first use, or shortly after that

- The short timespan over which cocaine effects are being experiences (regularly between 5 and 90 minutes), combined with brutal withdrawal symptoms can lead to overdosing faster than with other drugs

- Although there are no precise figures in this regard, the estimations point out that the cocaine market costs the US between $100 billion and $500 billion every year

While these facts alone might be enough to promote the importance of a cocaine rehab center, what’s even more dramatic is how the drug operates at the brain level, showing the potential for altering the addict’s personality for good.

Side-effects and solutions

Despite its short range of action, cocaine remains the second most influential and used illicit drug in the world, laying in the near vicinity of cannabis. It functions pretty much like an opioid, at the brain level, by triggering the nervous reward center and causing the dopamine levels to spike.

The immediate result is an intense state of euphoria, combined with agitation and restlessness. Some users, to obtain a more prolonged effect, will often mix cocaine with heroin, in what is known as a speedball. What results is a mixture of high levels of energy, altering with the powerful sedative effects of heroin and the pain-numbing impact that will eventually trigger addiction.

In the more advanced stages, once the addiction has taken its toll on the victim, the brain will become unable to release dopamine unless cocaine enters the system. As a result, the addict may begin to experience frustration, agitation, mood swings, increased irritability and aggression, paranoia, anxiety, and depression, as well as life-threatening withdrawal symptoms like seizures, heart attacks, and coma.

These toxic effects will, in time, break down an individual’s personality to the point of the unrecognizable. This is why a cocaine rehab center like Scottsdale Recovery may prove to be a life-saving mechanism for drug addicts. It is here where we save lives and shape people’s future.

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