Worry about the coronavirus is widespread. Concern about the virus jumped 50% in just one month, with about two-thirds of adults in the US now reporting concern.

Coronavirus is here in force, along with hugely disruptive efforts to contain the spread of the virus. These efforts, and the disease itself, can cause pain, confusion, trauma, and grief, even feelings of panic. In addition, they can remind people of past traumas. At the same time, they can also bring new opportunities for healing, growth, and contribution to the welfare of others.

Coronavirus concern

The coronavirus causes many different kinds of concerns:

  • Direct health risks. Actual illness due to the coronavirus is a concern for many – especially the elderly, hardest-hit by the disease, and their family members.
  • Care-related concerns. Concern about caring for quarantined, sick, and even dying loved ones is a burden for many.
  • Economic worries. Huge numbers of people are losing jobs and health care at a critical time, businesses face ruin, and stock markets have plunged worldwide.

In addition, the coronavirus can bring back past traumas, adding to stress.

How the Center on Peace can help

We help heal trauma, and we support people in challenging states such as a spiritual awakening. We are well aware that coronavirus anxiety raises many problems – both directly, and by bringing back previous worries and traumas. We offer shamanic healing and related services to support our clients.

If you are experiencing anxiety due to issues surrounding the coronavirus, please contact me right away. We offer a free initial consultation. Or contact me on my Facebook page at facebook.com/elliezarrabian.

Coronavirus Anxiety Los Angeles