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drug treatment centers in Des Moines Iowa

Are you looking to find the ‘best drug rehab near me?’ St. Gregory Recovery Center is one of the top drug treatment centers in Des Moines, Iowa, with evidence-based rehabilitation programs. Here are the top 5 qualities that set us apart from other Des Moines drug rehab facilities:

Highly effective medical detox

We offer customized detox programs based on your severity of the addiction, substance abused, length of abuse, co-occurring mental health issues, etc. We also offer highly effective benzo detox, opioid detox, heroin detox, alcohol detox, and cocaine detox programs. Our detox program cleanses your system and prepares your mind, body, and spirit to embrace sobriety in the long term. We offer around-the-clock medical care and supervision for all our detox patients and monitor them to prevent adverse withdrawal symptoms. 

Our luxury facility and ambiance

As one of the top-rated rehabs, we offer the best addiction treatment in Iowa in a state-of-the-art facility. Our rehab center offers luxury accommodations and top services in a comfortable, home-like ambiance. As part of the recovery process, our patients eat nourishing and well-balanced meals to help them gain strength. Our facility offers a safe, supportive, and peaceful environment where you can focus on healing and recovery.

Highest success rates

We are one of the few rehabs with the highest success rates when it comes to the percentage of patients who complete the rehab treatment. We also hold the #1 rank in Des Moines when it comes to the percentage of patients who do not relapse in the first year after treatment. That’s because we create customized treatment programs to address the unique addiction needs of each patient, which significantly reduces their chances of relapse and helps them attain comprehensive recovery. When it comes to long-term recovery, our Alumni program promotes sobriety over the years, along with a healthier lifestyle.  

Highly rewarding family program

We offer a highly effective family therapy, where we invite the addict’s family members to participate in counseling and intervention. This opportunity allows us to resolve conflicts between you and your family and helps improve family dynamics. Our family therapy creates the perfect environment for you at home, so that you can return to a safe, stable, loving, and stress-free environment after rehab treatment.

Staff qualification and personalized patient care

We have a highly experienced, qualified, and compassionate staff team that offers the highest quality medical and psychiatric care for our patients. Our clinical staff work round the clock and play an integral role in our patients’ recovery process with their personalized treatment approach. 

Your search for the best ‘drug addiction treatment near me in Iowa’ ends here. Get in touch with us at 888-778-5833 for more details on our Des Moines IA drug and alcohol treatment center. St. Gregory Recovery Center is one of the reputed and experienced drug treatment centers in Des Moines, Iowa, with world-class amenities and exceptional detox services.

drug treatment centers in Des Moines Iowa

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