How Can I Make a Difference: Meet & Greet More Amazing People

Ellie ZarrabianUncategorized

After our second meeting, I grew eager to find funding for the project so I could pay these amazing people and go full throttle on our work-but I did not know where to start looking.

Then, serendipity occurred. I was visiting my next-door neighbor when a young woman walked through the door to visit our mutual friend. Upon being introduced to Kelly, I knew I liked her immediately. We chit-chatted for a bit and then exchanged contact information. Soon after, Kelly and I met for coffee at our neighborhood Coffee Bean. I had the opportunity to learn more about her, and to share about the project and myself. It was another fortuitous encounter.

Kelly had been a teacher in an urban environment. Realizing she wanted to make impact beyond the confines of a classroom, she returned to graduate school and earned a master’s degree in Public Policy and Management. She sees the importance of creating change from the top down, in addition to working with the community on the ground. Upon hearing about the project Kelly was intrigued, and decided to attend our next meeting.

At the meeting Kelly realized she values the objectives of the Centerpeace Project. She jumped right in and helped us edit the business plan to secure future funding.