How Can I Make a Difference: Meet & Greet

Ellie ZarrabianUncategorized

Karen, my editor, helped me put together the skeleton of the business plan for the Centerpeace Project. By now, we were both hard at work writing, editing, and re-writing the chapters of the book (which I knew would accompany the Project). Similar to this blog, the book is being written for people who want to be agents of change, starting with themself. So it was all coming together nicely when another pleasant event occurred: individuals with similar visions and goals suddenly appeared in my life. You see, when you start to work towards your dream, you attract people and situations that align with your endeavors. I was open to these experiences, and grateful for these encounters.

Firstly, I met Jeff Nau, a teacher and swim coach who works with inner-city youth. In fact, we met while he was teaching my own kids how to swim. My kids fell in love with him, and I realized he has a natural talent for working with children and would be a great addition to the project.

Then, a woman named Anita Condic contacted me out of the blue by sending me a heartfelt email. She explained that she really connects with my mission, and that she was interested in joining forces. Amongst her many talents she is a yoga teacher, and she loves working with youth. Instantly I knew she was a god-sent.

That same month, I met with Jeff and Anita separately and shared my vision for the project. They were both interested in participating. In this picture the three of us are getting together for the very first time to meet and greet over coffee.