How Can I Make a Difference: The Seeds Were Planted Long Ago

Ellie ZarrabianUncategorized

My good friend Patti and I, also a psychologist, were attending a professional conference up in the San Francisco Bay area. We were having breakfast before heading over to our conference. Patti also shares my love for SF. I was telling her that morning that it was about two decades ago when I had my vision for the Centerpeace Project. I was working towards my Masters degree then at John F. Kennedy University in Orinda, in the East Bay. I told her, at that time, I just wrote it in my journal and up until now, hadn’t really thought about it. But the desire and the urge to create such a vision never did go away. Being in SF with her and telling her about wanting to create a program for youth to teach them about conflict resolution and how to heal generational trauma was reawakening the seeds of passion in me again.

After our return to L.A. I contacted my editor who was my savior during my dissertation process. I asked her is she would help me start two projects. She asked me what they were and I responded, “It’s time I start writing my book and creating a business plan for the Centerpeace Project.” She said she was excited for me and that she was available to help. She told me she would write up a schedule and a contract for the work, what it required, when we could start and when we would finish. It was all too real, all too quick. I didn’t have an excuse anymore to tell myself why I wasn’t ready to start or what else I needed to take care of before I could get started. It was time. The seeds that were planted years ago were now sprouting.