Love And Dating During the Pandemic Era

Hi! This is Dr. Ellie Zarrabian coming to you from Los Angeles, California.

Given that Valentine’s Day is around the corner, I thought I’d make a short blog on love and dating during the pandemic era.

I think one of the primary concerns my single female clients felt during the pandemic was how difficult it became to date during the pandemic. Naturally, because we couldn’t go out, couldn’t meet people face to face, or get intimate, it put a real damper on the idea of dating.

However, I’m happy to share that two of my clients actually met someone special and got married during the pandemic, and another had a baby. So it’s not necessarily true that you can’t meet someone special during a pandemic, or under other challenging circumstances.

In fact, one of the things I shared with my clients is that during such times it’s actually when you get to talk about things that are important and serious. You can get to know someone more deeply, rather than just casually. You can avoid wasting time going out here and there, from one person to the next, without any lasting results.

This pandemic actually created a liminal space, a buffer where people were sometimes able to come together and go deeper in a shorter period of time. I think that’s why two of my clients were able to find true love and actually get very close.

So for this Valentine’s day, if you are single and looking, my message is, “have a more optimistic outlook.” Even though you may not be going out or feeling stuck, do remain positive. People are going through a lot of changes, and many don’t want to be alone and in isolation. They are looking to meet the right person, and that right person might just be you.

For more reading on love and dating during the pandemic, be sure to download my new ebook at And please reach out if you want to talk about new or existing relationships.

With love and blessings,

Dr. Ellie

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