Love and Marriage

“Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.” -


More than half of Dr. Ellie’s clientele are millennials looking for love and marriage – and the largest single group are Iranian-American women, like Dr. Ellie herself. 

Dr. Ellie dated in her community, looked for love online, and married an Iranian-American engineer/lawyer in her mid-30s. She has raised two lovely children to near-adulthood and is now looking forward to a new phase in her life. Her passion is to help others succeed in love and romance. 

Dr. Ellie has found that many Iranian-American women have unprocessed grief, both from their own lives and those of their family members. This can set a person apart and make it difficult to establish strong connections, as needed for a love relationship.

How She Does It

It takes tremendous self-awareness and discernment to find a worthwhile partner in today’s chaotic dating environment. Dr. Ellie begins this journey by helping her clients heal and grow. As a result, these women gain tremendous insight into themselves and others. And they find partners who are accomplished, confident, and capable of intimacy and further growth.

What You Should Do

You may have poured your heart and soul into working toward a future that feels just out of reach. Dr. Ellie has been there and done that. If you would like to take hold of the life that you deserve, Dr. Ellie can help.

Recent Clients

  • Tara is an attorney in her early 30s, an attractive Persian-American woman from a wealthy immigrant family who attended an Ivy League university. She came to her sessions with a long checklist of “must-have” requirements that made it hard for her to find the right person. As a result of her work with Dr. Ellie, she met and married a wonderful Jewish man, also from an immigrant family. They married and recently bought a home together in Los Angeles.
  • Monica, also from a prominent family, is a health coach. She had an Israeli boyfriend; the relationship was serious, but had problems. During her work with Dr. Ellie, she moved on from that relationship and found a Persian-American Jewish man who had actually been interested in her for a long time. They became involved, married, and recently welcomed their first child.
  • Jasmine found Dr. Ellie in her mid-20s, just out of medical school. She had been in a ten-year relationship with a man who had problems managing anger. She was having a hard time finding a man who was comfortable with her interfaith background. Eventually, she met and married an American Jewish man, and they recently had their second child together.
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Dr. Ellie Zarrabian 

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