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Marriages are often romanticized and fantasized, but few are prepared for the never-ending hard work and commitment it takes to make a marriage last. Indeed, living side-by-side with another adult is probably the hardest thing any of us will ever do. If you are seeking marriage counseling in Schaumburg IL, rest assured that you are not the only one!

What is Marriage Counseling?

Marriage counseling is an approach to therapy whereby relationships are privileged. Whether you are an individual, couple, or family; whatever has brought you into our office will be looked at in the context of your relationship.

We understand that you have to make yourself vulnerable to let a stranger into your life. At Lighthouse Emotional Wellness Center, we deal with things such as loss, trauma, health issues, and personal experiences in the context of relationships. If a person comes in, and they have depression, then we need to look at how their depression affects the way they communicate with their family.

The typical way that our marriage counseling works is that people come in who are struggling with some type of problem. We take a look at that in terms of what relationships are informing the situation. Understanding the context can help us figure out what can change in terms of trying to solve the problem that may make it possible to resolve naturally.

What Can Marriage Counseling Help With?

This holistic approach is beneficial because it's an act of radical hospitality. Someone comes in, and they're going to share something that's often deeply personal, and they may not have told anybody about it before. It isn't uncommon to work with individuals and couples. One of the beauties of couples counseling is that we can also think about families that extend beyond those who are in our home.

In our training, our professional counselors are trained in many diagnoses, including depression and anxiety. Therefore, we are able to not only help to identify it, as many people often don't realize that they have a problem, but we're also able to provide solutions. Solutions are what people come here for. Whatever it is that you are facing, you should not, can not, and don't have to face it alone!

How Do My Personal Problems Affect My Marriage?

Even if we are working with an individual, we are always thinking about that person in the context of how does what they are suffering make sense against what's been happening historically. We want to identify the problems so we can introduce something different and better.

We live in an individualistic society, and in more ways than ever, we have become more isolated. If we can connect the person back into their relationships, we find that this really helps sustain the person's well-being and help them achieve their highest potential in their marriage. Marriage can be successful, and marriage counseling in Schaumburg IL can be a positive experience. It can save your marriage!

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