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Mental Health Treatment Austin

Most patients battling addiction suffer from co-occurring mental health issues. At Omega Recovery, we offer the most effective mental health treatment in Austin to find out the root cause of addiction and provide treatment for the co-occurring mental health disorders.

Common mental health problems with addiction

Mental health disorders often become the root cause of addiction, and it is imperative to treat the symptoms of a mental disorder to ensure long-lasting recovery from addiction. Common mental health issues often connected with substance abuse include:

  • Borderline personality disorder – Almost 75% of patients suffering from BPD resort to drug abuse as an attempt to overcome or reduce the symptoms of BPD.
  • Depression – Individuals that suffer from depression often engage in acts of self-medicating themselves with drugs. Over time, this results in patients using the drug in larger doses to enjoy the effects for a longer period.
  • Anxiety disorder (GAD) – More than 18% of the American adult population suffers from GAD. Patients suffering from GAD often abuse drugs like benzodiazepines and other prescription medications to reduce the effects of their symptoms.

Besides, we also see several addiction patients present with symptoms of bipolar disorder, obsessive Compulsive Disorder, schizophrenia, and post-traumatic stress disorder. We offer comprehensive mental health treatment in Austin to help patients lead a happy, healthy, and fulfilling life after rehab.

How does a substance abuse disorder aggravate a mental problem?

More than 45% of Americans struggle with dual diagnosis, and those suffering from mental illnesses are more predisposed to develop a dependency on drugs or alcohol or both. Some of the factors that aggravate a mental illness in individuals with drug addiction include:

  • The effects experienced by individuals with consistent use of drugs mimic the symptoms of mental illnesses. Patients abusing marijuana often suffer from a condition called psychosis that causes them to lose contact with reality.
  • Individuals with a genetic predisposition for drug/alcohol addiction are 60% more likely to develop an addiction along with a mental disorder.
  • Individuals working in extremely stressful environments or those with a traumatic past or emotionally disturbing relationships are more likely to abuse drugs along with the development of a mental health disorder.

At our rehab facility in Austin, we encounter a lot of young adults and teenagers in rehab treatment for substance abuse and mental health disorders. We create custom treatment plans for each of our recovering addicts to help them reap the most out of treatment.

Signs and symptoms of co-occurring mental disorders

The symptoms of a dual diagnosis condition depend on the severity of the addiction, the substance of abuse, and the mental disorder. Common symptoms include a sudden change in behavior, avoiding family, friends, and social events to remain in isolation, and an inability to manage everyday tasks and commitments.

Contact Omega Recovery for more information on our addiction program and treatment prices. Our mental health treatment in Austin includes psychotherapy, individual counseling, and support group sessions that help recovering addicts regain control over their mental health.

Mental Health Treatment Austin