Mindfulness Meditation

Using Mindfulness Meditation For Depression and Anxiety.

Every day is a new opportunity to start over again. Reboot your system and clear away busy mind chatter and mental clutter by starting the day fresh.






What is it?

Mindfulness is a practice of becoming aware of physical sensations, thoughts and emotions while they are taking place in the moment. Mindfulness meditation is an ancient practice of becoming aware of one’s inner and outer environment by viewing what is taking place from a bird’s eye view. The ability to observe the workings of the body and mind allows the individual to examine everything in great detail without any attempt made to change, deny, block, or distract the thoughts, emotions and / or sensations. The process of simply becoming aware changes recurring negative thoughts and emotions. This process allows the individual to become more familiar with all the mental chatter and distractions of the mind, eventually becoming free of them.

How do I know this is needed?

If you or someone close to you is having difficulty with stress, anxiety, panic attacks, a mid-life crisis, menopause, or struggles with lack of meaning or purpose in life, and would like to find relief from these issues, then mindfulness meditation can be the right direction.

How to proceed.

Mindfulness meditation is relatively easy to learn, has no side effects and is a very cost-effective approach to stress reduction. It can also be a wonderful spiritual practice to use as a way to enhance the quality of life. If you are looking to find relief from stress, physical and emotional pain, or develop a spiritual practice, then this is a wonderful tool to learn.

Depending on your needs, different packages for the mindfulness training are available. There is also training available for partners and families who want to meditate together. Call now to set up a time for an initial consultation. Sessions are available in English and Farsi, in person, via phone or video call.

What My Clients are Saying​

Dr. Ellie is a true holistic healer. Her clarity and deep understanding goes beyond any (common?) therapist. She has helped me profoundly in seeing and understanding my own path. The first time I met her was during the first global lockdown due to Covid when she held discussion and meditation sessions online. That was the beginning for me to feel connected and to experience meditation as a key. Dr. Ellie has shown me other keys in unlocking my blockages and works like a catalyst in my continuous development and growth.
- G. M. London, England
Dear Dr. Ellie,

It really is hard to put into words such profound experiences and journeys that consistently expand me and at the same time take me so deep within myself. You saved my life. Through a deep understanding of life’s challenges you showed me how to gain insight, wisdom and knowledge into the struggles of the soul’s journey. Through your compassionate, gentle but direct, clear and intuitive approach, you helped me see who I truly am and help me unlock my true nature. I was able to feel safe so that I could be honest and gradually grow. You are amazing to me.

Thank you, Dr. Ellie.
- A.C., Venice, CA
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Dr. Ellie Zarrabian 

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