What is it?

Rites of passage are important transitions in time to distinguish and mark the past from the present. These events prepare us for what may lie ahead while helping us let go of what is no longer needed from the past.

Not engaging in ceremonies that honor changes within the cycles of life can leave a person feeling empty, lost and disconnected from anything of value and meaning. Instead, choosing to create ceremonies and rituals that honor different rites of passage in a personal, heartfelt and authentic way can be truly empowering and uplifting.

How do I know this is needed?

If you are getting ready to go through an important rite of passage but are feeling overwhelmed or stuck and need someone to help you walk through it, Dr. Ellie will help you plan, coordinate and create a personalized and heart-centered event to support you and your loved ones through that process.

How to proceed.

Dr. Ellie will help you with creating the following meaningful events: Wedding ceremony, birthing, house/space welcoming & clearing, coming of age ceremony, death & dying process, and funerals.

Contact Dr. Ellie
Dear Ellie,

Words cannot express the love and gratitude that we hold in our hearts for you. The ceremony has become a reference point for our higher intentions. It exceeded our expectations and was a beautiful and appropriate way to usher us into our new life together.

All of our Love,M.H. & A.I.Hollywood, CA 2013

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