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Scottsdale Alcohol Rehab

We know how soul-crushing it is to struggle with alcohol addiction daily, and how it can affect your life long-term. Besides the evident health issues, it can seriously take your social life down a notch. Not anymore. Soul Surgery offers you the best Scottsdale alcohol rehab. Come to our facility, and we will help you!

How to escape alcohol addiction?

In theory, you can escape your addiction by forcing yourself to endure the cravings of ingesting alcohol. But that can be incredibly hard, especially with how withdrawal pushes your mind and body against the wall. Our treatment center in Arizona helps you cope with the harrowing experience of going through withdrawal. In this sense, we have devised “Sober Living,” a program specifically aimed at helping people suffering from alcohol addiction.

During this program, we will offer you a comfortable and supportive environment where you can slowly but steadily regain your sobriety. The treatment takes place at our center where the patient must live for the time being and incorporate our well-documented coping and relapse techniques. We provide everyday facilities, from a full-sized bed to internet, pool table, BBQ, internet, and a swimming pool.

The best alcohol rehab treatment

During Sober Living, our patients are the full focus of our program. As such, we commit any available resource to their healing process. Our healthcare providers are all fully certified by AzRHA, the Arizona Recovery Housing Association. This reflects their enthusiastic attitude and accredited skills in this field.

Come to our Scottsdale alcohol rehab center in Arizona, and take your first step into a life of sobriety. It can be as easy as contacting us on the phone. We will set up an appointment and assign you a sober living house within our institution. All it takes is a simple call, and you will be on your way to an alcohol-free life.

The most efficient way to become sober

That would be to follow our rehab programs for Sober Living, where we combine medication procedures with holistic approaches. The process itself is incredibly easy to take in, and the efficiency grows the more comfortable and happy you are. This is why we strive to make your experience as enjoyable as possible.

The inpatient treatment allows you to remain at our treatment center 24/7, for the entire duration of the rehab procedure. Our healthcare staff will monitor your progress around the clock, looking to provide you with security and comfort throughout the treatment. The outpatient treatment program consists of weekly meetings and regular medical and psychiatric assessments. We also have support groups and relapse prevention groups for alcohol rehab.

What should I do to become sober?

As we have said previously, you only need to check in with Soul Surgery at our Scottsdale alcohol rehab center in Arizona. Call us or contact us via the online platform, and we will get back to you in the shortest time possible. You are making the best choice you can at this moment. If you stick with our Sober Living program, we guarantee you will walk out a changed person.

Scottsdale Alcohol Rehab
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