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Senior Rehab Lenexa

People can carefully build up their strength after surgery or rehab by going to a senior rehab facility that caters to their needs. These spots are excellent for occupational, physical, and emotional rehab when you cannot get a fast recovery path in your average home. One of the best services in our senior rehab in Lenexa is long-term rehab programs that offer individualized care for average to significant conditions.

Tips on making a smooth transition into the long-term senior rehab

Conduct a safety assessment

Older adults tend to maintain their retirement homes without a single consideration of moving. These spaces offer emotional and sentimental meaning that keeps them connected to the realities of life and their younger and more joyful days. Unfortunately, they do not offer facilities to support their aging bodies and pose potential hazards that risk physical and emotional wellbeing.

Set goals

Joining senior rehab does not mean it is the end of your life. It simply means you are in a different phase of life that needs a different approach and mindset. Luckily, we offer various activities for you to find meaning in daily living and staff that can get you through steps depending on your healthy and nutritional needs. Remember to have realistic expectations that allow you to pace yourself and ease you back into easy recovery.

Manage medication

A big challenge for the newly admitted candidates is keeping up with the doctor’s orders and managing medications at all times of the day. Some patients find the staff better managers of their medical needs; hence you must submit all medical records and prescriptions. In some cases, we may set up an alert system to remind you of your medication routine.

What to expect in senior rehab every day

Generally, the senior rehab will be full of specific therapy routines and medical treatments that help you regain your independence fast. The good news is that rehab facilities operate as a home instead of a hospital. You get to enjoy your fashion style, a private room with a personal living space, and a customizable schedule for your entire stay. Here is what to expect from the daily routine of senior rehab:

Daily routine

The staff makes rounds in the facility to ensure they receive the help they need to kick start their day. Some people need assistance with bathing, grooming, dressing, and personal care routines, while others only want a meal in their room.

Residents who want rehab services can get their activities afterward. The physical therapy team will guide you through all gym activities that are suitable for your lifestyle. The exercises will vary each day according to the nature of your state and the doctor’s recommendation. The goal of these sessions will be to build your coordination, strength, and coordination, so you have a wholesome recovery.

The rest of the day may have afternoon and evening sessions to promote socialization and mental health. Now is an excellent time to learn more about our senior rehab services, by calling at (913) 20307-2000 for more information on how they can benefit your recovery.


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