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Centerpeace Foundation is a center of spiritual growth and transformation, which harnesses ancient knowledge on the human soul to help people achieve a higher plane of consciousness. If you’re looking for an experienced shaman in Los Angeles, you are in the right place.

About modern shamanism

Contemporary shamanism derives its roots from a religious system followed by indigenous people from ancient times to this day. At its core, shamanism aims to access the unseen world residing within our own and manipulate the energies that influence all human beings. According to shamanic beliefs, we are all connected to the same energies that flow through the very fabric of the universe.

The belief is that we can harness these energies to provide healing capabilities and restore the individual’s mental and spiritual balance. The benefits are immense, especially when considering the connection between our body, mind, and spirit. Restoring the spiritual balance is paramount for supporting a profound mental transformation and shamanism represents the foundation to build upon.

What does a shaman healer do?

The role of a shaman is to guide the process of introspection and meditation. The method of shamanic healing focuses on restoring the emotional and spiritual balance of an individual by addressing the issues triggering the imbalance. Just like our bodies, our spirit has its own toxins to struggle with, and the shaman’s role is to provide healing capabilities.

Our shaman in Los Angeles will allow you to deal with these ‘toxins’ and:

  • Get rid of negative emotions and thoughts like fear, anger, insecurity, pessimism, or negativity
  • Improve your self-esteem and confidence
  • Find a solution to your spiritual or emotional crisis
  • Find relief for your anxiety disorders or depression
  • Overcome the work or social-related barriers
  • Learn to forgive and forget
  • Understand your goals in life and use all your energy to pursue them, etc.

A shaman acts as an intermediary, allowing you to access your inner resources for self-discovery, growth, and self-healing. The shaman is like a teacher, showing you the way to manipulate the energy of your mind and soul, for a life-changing spiritual experience.

How shamanic healing will change your life

All people deal with both the good and the bad during their lifetime, as these are the two halves of existence itself. Finding a balance between them is paramount for achieving a state of enlightenment, fulfillment, and spiritual maturity. If you are already a more spiritual person than others, your experience will be even more intense.

No matter your advancement in shamanism or spiritual sciences, however, you too can benefit from our shamanic healing sessions. If you’re interested in meeting a genuine shaman in Los Angeles, we advise you to contact Dr. Ellie immediately! She will listen to your queries and walk you through an initial consultation to build the foundation of your future relationship.

Dr. Ellie will be your guide through your spiritual journey, teaching you how to reach the enlightenment and change your life as a result. Centerpeace Foundation opens the door to the spirit world for you; come on in and learn the truth about the real nature of the universe.

Shaman Los Angeles

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Shamanic Healing Los Angeles

We, at Centerpeace Foundation, know that the quality of life depends on multiple factors, primarily your spiritual connection to the world around you. Our sessions of shamanic healing in Los Angeles will reignite your spirit’s flame and allow you to overcome your mental, emotional issues, and social issues.

The history of shamanism

Shamanism is both a philosophy and a mystic practice, which harnesses your inner energy to put you in contact with the earth, along with the unseen part of the universe. Urban shamanism is the modern version, following the same guidelines and connecting people with the energy around them. Despite being an ancient practice, shamanism offers valuable universal knowledge about people and their connection with the universe and those around them.

The problems that most people face in their daily lives come from them having a poor understanding of their real goals and what they want from life. Our shamanic healing practices will help you discover your inner self, as you grow out of your mundane problems.

The benefits of shamanic healing

Shamanic healing deals with problems of the mind and the spirit. How you see and interact with the world around you is just a by-product of your own mental and emotional state. An imbalance in your spiritual aura will influence your thoughts and behavior dramatically. Following our shamanic sessions, you will:

  • Improve your self-esteem and confidence in yourself
  • Fix your work-related problems more effectively
  • Repair broken family relationships
  • Cope with your anger and aggressive behavior
  • Fight off anxiety and depression
  • Deal with sexual traumas more effectively

If you’re facing any of these issues, our shamanic healing in Los Angeles is the answer for you. We couldn’t be any happier in helping you sort these issues out.

What is shamanic cleansing?

It is a practice that pursues to restore the balance between mind, spirit, and the energy of the universe. It is a unique tool for self-discovery and spiritual enlightenment that will give you a different perspective on your life. Shamanic cleansing deals with spiritual ‘toxins’ that prevent you from acquiring a balanced mental and emotional state.

These ‘toxins’ include anger, grief, fear, anxiety, hate, and sadness, along with any other emotions that sabotage your inner peace. Contact our experts immediately, and we can set you for a healing session immediately!

A spiritual journey

The core principle of shamanism relies on self-discovery and self-improvement. In a world always on the run, people need to learn to slow their pace for a moment. It is at that moment that the magic will happen. We consider our sessions of shamanic healing in Los Angeles to be the first steps in your new life’s journey.

It is a spiritual journey that will help you realize that you and the universe are one. The same universal energy flows through all people, keeping their spirits alive. You only need to learn how to access it. Contact us, at Centerpeace Foundation, and start your spiritual journey today!

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