Shamanic Healing

Shamanic Healing for Spiritually Oriented People.

If you are a highly sensitive and spiritually-oriented person, preoccupied with the welfare of others and of our planet, then shamanic healing practices may be the right direction for you.






Spiritual awakening

What is it?

Shamanism is an ancient practice of indigenous people worldwide for contacting and utilizing an ordinarily hidden reality to acquire knowledge and healing for one self and others. Urban shamanism is a contemporary form of traditional shamanic practices aimed at transforming and healing the self through a connection to the earth. Shamanic counseling is a system developed to help individuals heal from conflict by accessing their own inner resources and guidance to acquire better health, balance, self-discovery, prosperity and personal and community growth.

How do I know this is needed?

If you or you and your partner are having difficulties and would like to talk about these issues while consulting ancestral or spiritual guides, accessing dreams and visions, or going on vision quests or inner journeys then shamanic counseling can be the right direction for you.

How to proceed.

Shamanic healing can be an empowering experience if you feel moved to do work that requires you to enter into a trance state as a way to access information about your life and your direction. Typically individuals who are drawn to shamanic healing practices have a very involved and rich inner life that allows them to readily access these altered states without losing touch with day to day functioning. These altered states can be accessed through the use of fire talks, imagery/ guided visualization, music, and drumming.

If you want to access your own inner healing resources, then shamanic healing can be a very positive experience. Call now to set up a time for an initial consultation with Dr. Zarrabian. Sessions are available in English and Farsi, in person, via phone or video call.

What My Clients are Saying​

Dear Ellie,

Most of us wandering this planet aren’t aware of too many therapists who have a Ph.D. and also are Shamanic Healers. Knowing that you had a solid background in Western philosophy made me feel very comfortable going on this journey with you. I wasn’t looking for Western healing, but I did want to make sure that my past was held solidly in a professional AND spiritual environment. Ellie you created a foundation where growth appeared for me rather than just contemplated. You helped me discover a path with the abilities I already have and that are unique to me and you gave me the support and encouragement to become my own healer.

Thank you, Ellie,
- M.H. & A.I., Hollywood, CA
Dr. Ellie,

I didn’t walk in yesterday thinking it would be our last session, at least for awhile, but have known on some level we were nearing the end. It seemed right. It was time. The fact that you were the one to suggest we stop is indicative of what kind of caring healer you truly are.

You were a lifeline when I called you from my office rooftop that day. I can never thank you enough for the past 8-9 months. They have been life-changing … life-saving.

I am armed with an awareness today I’d never possessed. The freedom and strength that accompany it is amazing. Even B admits how much you’ve helped me. It’s obvious to all. The work you do is a wonderful thing. I am glad to count you as a friend. One of those “who uplift” me.

Thank you, Ellie.
M.T., Venice, CA
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Dr. Ellie Zarrabian 

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