Skilled Nursing Facility Salt Lake City

Skilled Nursing Facility Salt Lake City

Highland Care Center ranks as a skilled nursing facility in Salt Lake City. We have experienced and professional nursing staff and care providers who treat you like family during your stay and help you recover in a safe and secure environment. We have customized care and therapy sessions to help you with your pain and medical care. You can trust us with your recovery and healing process.

What is considered skilled care in a nursing home?

Certified and licensed health practitioners must provide skilled nursing care because it involves vast knowledge of medical care and recovery. Practitioners like registered nurses, physical, speech, and occupational therapists are considered skilled nursing professionals.

We have a staff, including all these professional medical care providers, who have experience in taking good care of the residents. Some examples of skilled nursing services that we provide include wound care, intravenous therapy, cognitive training, memory care, secured dementia unit, and balance training.

Reasons to choose a skilled nursing facility

Choose our nursing facility because we provide medication management, hospice stays, post-orthopedic care, and much more at our nursing facility. We have therapists who work in-house to consult with your condition and offer the best options for medical care. We have registered dieticians at our facility to help you maintain a balanced diet to accelerate your recovery and healing.

Choose our nursing facility not only because of the medical benefits but also for the caring environment that we provide. With the residents and supportive staff, you will feel right at home at our skilled nursing facility in Salt Lake City. We offer a serene environment for you to recover from physical and mental trauma.

Nursing facility services

Our nursing services include occupational therapy, speech therapy, balanced diets and nutrition provision, memory care, wound care, outpatient therapy, medication management, and much more. Our staff is well-experienced and amazing care providers who will treat you like family.

We provide life-enriching activities, so you don’t get bored out of your mind at our nursing home. Our residential care and family education services will keep your mind at peace during your stay with us. We believe it is the right choice to help you understand your condition so you can choose the best nursing facility for yourself. Contact us anytime, and we will consult with you on your condition.

Skilled nursing care providers

Our staff creates personalized goals for you to help you recover from your physical injuries and heal yourself mentally as well. Our main mission is to help you become more independent and self-reliant. Our experienced and skilled nursing staff is always willing to help you with our medical care provisions and therapy sessions.

At our skilled nursing facility in Salt Lake City, you can heal yourself physically and mentally with the assistance of our trained, experienced, and compassionate staff and care providers. Highland care center is the right nursing facility for you. You are a part of our family, so we live here and work here with you and provide the best care to help you recover.

Skilled Nursing Facility Salt Lake City

Highland Care Center


Skilled Nursing Facility Salt Lake City

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