Therapeutic Touch

The Power of Therapeutic Touch.

If you are dealing with physical or spiritual pain and want to explore a more gentle, loving, and caring approach, then Therapeutic Touch can be the right direction for you.

Pain management

Terminal illness

Death and dying

Loss of a loved one

What is it?

Therapeutic Touch is a contemporary healing modality drawn from ancient practices and developed by Dora Kunz and Dolores Krieger. The practice is based on the assumption that human beings are complex fields of energy, and that the ability to enhance healing in another is a natural potential. Therapeutic Touch is used to balance and promote the flow of human energy. Research has shown that Therapeutic Touch is useful in reducing pain, improving wound healing, aiding relaxation, and easing the dying process. Therapeutic Touch uses a practice called “laying on of hands” to correct or balance energy fields. The word “touch” is misleading because physical touch is generally not involved. Instead, the hands hover over the body.

How do I know this is needed?

If you or someone close to you is having difficulty in the following areas and would like to address these issues using a more gentle approach, then Therapeutic Touch can be the right direction. Physical pain such as migraine headaches; body aches and pains; digestive disorders like Irritable Bowel Syndrome, ulcers and acid reflux; emotional and spiritual issues such as depression and anxiety, especially around terminal illness; and end-of-life issues can be addressed with Therapeutic Touch.

How to proceed.

During the years I worked as a massage therapist, I discovered that people store away emotions in the body. Depending on where and how the emotion is lodged, I developed different hands on methods to help people find relief from pain. I also found that sometimes talk therapy can get in the way of accessing and releasing stored emotions. In such situations, I recommend Therapeutic Touch as a way to access well being. If you are dealing with physical pain and and have tried traditional medicine, but found no relief then you may benefit from Therapeutic Touch. Call now to set up a time for an initial consultation with Dr. Zarrabian. Sessions are available in English and Farsi.

What My Clients are Saying​

Dear Ellie,

Most of us wandering this planet aren’t aware of too many therapists who have a Ph.D. and also are Shamanic Healers. Knowing that you had a solid background in Western philosophy made me feel very comfortable going on this journey with you. I wasn’t looking for Western healing, but I did want to make sure that my past was held solidly in a professional AND spiritual environment. Ellie you created a foundation where growth appeared for me rather than just contemplated. You helped me discover a path with the abilities I already have and that are unique to me and you gave me the support and encouragement to become my own healer.

You were a lifeline when I called you from my office rooftop that day. I can never thank you enough for the past 8-9 months. They have been life-changing … life-saving.

Thank you, Ellie.
- M.H. & A.I., Hollywood, CA
Dear Ellie,

It really is hard to put into words such profound experiences and journeys that consistently expand me and at the same time take me so deep within myself. You saved my life. Through a deep understanding of life’s challenges you showed me how to gain insight, wisdom and knowledge into the struggles of the soul’s journey. Through your compassionate, gentle but direct, clear and intuitive approach, you helped me see who I truly am and help me unlock my true nature. I was able to feel safe so that I could be honest and gradually grow. You are amazing to me.

Thank you, Ellie.
M.T., Venice, CA
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