We Are Growing With You

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As mentioned in a recent email to clients, two weeks ago, I was privileged to co-present a session on the work of the poet and philosopher, Rumi, at West Los Angeles Public Library.

My fellow presenter, Dr. Max Rahni, and I presented a selection of works, titled “Rumi on Love.” Dr. Rahni read from Rumi in the original Farsi, and I followed with the same works, translated into English.

Librarian Ramin Naderi organized the event and served as emcee. A question and answer session followed the readings and remarks, which was hosted by the Persian Poetry Forum, which I attend weekly. Please join my Facebook page for updates on future talks, or contact me to learn more.

My master’s thesis at John F. Kennedy University, in the Bay Area, compared topics from Rumi and Dr. Carl Jung. So co-leading this session, 25 years later, was like coming home for me. It was even more meaningful because there was a powerful topic of inclusion underlying the event.

Back in Iran, in my youth, it would simply have been unheard of for an established Muslim scholar, such as Dr. Rahni, to share a presentation, on an equal basis, with a younger, Jewish, female scholar like myself. Yet the audience listened, with rapt attention, to the entire presentation, asked thoughtful questions, and seemed to appreciate the juxtaposition of a well-established, and a newer voice.

These same themes also resonate in my work with clients. Multicultural origins, the interaction of powerful spiritual traditions, resistance to and acceptance of change, and leadership, are strong threads running through my work with many of my clients.

With all the joy and connection found in the holidays – events which arise from many different traditions – they often also create stress. At this time of year, I get a rich mix of communications, including people wanting new and additional sessions, changing appointment dates and times to accommodate travel and celebrations, and more.

Often, the topic of our discussions is stress caused by the holidays themselves. So I make myself available to begin new client relationships, reschedule regular appointments, and add sessions flexibly through the holidays.

Contact me for new client discussions, new sessions, and changes to sessions. These can be near my office in LA, my office in Oakland, or online via Skype.

Also, please see the new page on the Centerpeace Foundation website, Who Are Our Clients? This page describes some of the common threads that tend to describe clients who work with me.

I’m very much interested in your feedback on this description. To keep up with me and Centerpeace, join and comment on my Facebook page.