Urban Shamanism

Urban Shamanism Treating Depression and Other Ills Using Shamanic Healing Practices This article first appeared in the book, Shamanic Transformations: True Stories of the Moment of Awakening, edited by Itzhak Beery, (c) 2015 Inner Traditions/Destiny Books. It then appeared in the Spring 2021 edition of Parabola magazine, topic Wellness, pp. 70-75. We have lightly revised …

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Conscious Relationships – Being Conscious Ruins Self-Medication

“I hate connecting with myself when I am about to self-medicate” says one of my most diligent and conscientious clients, Evan (not his real name.) Evan is in his late thirties and has been self-medicating most of his adult life by over-indulging in smoking cannabis, playing video games, and watching pornography. “After a long day …

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Conscious Parenting

Between seeing clients at the office, starting a new teaching position and being a full-time mom, I was finding myself too preoccupied and distracted at home last week. My oldest daughter came up to me one afternoon and asked me if I would play with her. I responded, “Sure how about later.” But later did …

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