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From Chaos to Connection Dear Conscious Community, I hope this message finds you in good health and high spirits. I want to begin by expressing my heartfelt gratitude for your unwavering support and enthusiasm throughout our journey together. It has been an incredible privilege to share insights, stories, and reflections on health and well-being from …

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From Chaos to Connection Dear Conscious Community, Given that we’re currently facing some very difficult and challenging times as a global community, it’s important for us to stay strong and afloat. The suggestions I made based on my own lived experience and knowledge are to help you to do the same in order for you …

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Awakening to a Time of Renewal, Healing and Growth.

Dear Conscious Community, The challenges posed by the disheartening state of the world and the chaos and discord that surround us beckon a time for renewal, healing and growth for us as a global community.  During such turbulent times, turning to various resources, including our faith is crucial. But when we question our faith or …

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Building a Stronger Global Community From The Inside Out.

Dear Conscious Community, Are you interested in building a stronger global community? For this month’s newsletter, I address the topic of building a stronger global community from the inside out. But why from the inside out? Why not just go out there and build a strong community? That’s because building stronger relationships is an inside …

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Building Better Relationships with People

Dear Conscious Community, In my last podcast, I discussed the importance of building better relationships at work. I made the connection between home and work environments, highlighting the tendency to replicate similar relationships and dynamics in both areas. I suggested reflecting on how one feels about coworkers or managers/ bosses, etc. and comparing that to …

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Who is Dr. Ellie and what is her story? How did she find the inner strength as a child to survive through discrimination, war, immigration, refugee status and eventually move to the US to begin a new life? Despite all these barriers, Dr. Ellie went on to create a beautiful and bountiful life for herself. …

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