Building Better Relationships at Home


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Dear Conscious Community,

This last podcast I discussed building better relationships at home.

After so many years of working with individuals and couples, I have come to realize that most people are not naturally equipped or skilled at building good relationships because many of us did not have positive role models while growing up. Instead, many of us have to learn to build the much needed skills in order to be able to enjoy the fruits of our work resulting in having healthy, loving and caring relationships at home.

In this week’s episode, I discuss the importance of emotional maturity in relationships, particularly in the context of couples. I draw parallels between the conflicts children have and the challenges couples face, emphasizing the need for emotional responsibility and learning to listen, validate, and compromise.

I also mention that the recipe for relationship disaster is when everyone only focuses on their own wants and needs without considering their partner’s. When couples come into counseling at an all time low in their marriage or partnership, I talk about investing in their emotional bank account by focusing on giving to the relationship rather than expecting to take from it. I go on to give a brief example of long term couples who come in complaining that they don’t feel appreciated in their marriage.

Please feel free to watch the podcast and forward it to anyone experiencing difficulty in their marriage or partnership. As always, I am happy to offer a free half hour consultation to any couple interested in coming in and wanting to build a better relationship at home.

Here is the Podcast link.

With blessings,
Dr. Ellie

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