Unprecedented Times


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These are unprecedented times. It’s as if each of us has been away on a long trip, or at a silent or spiritual retreat, for some time – and then return back to our former, day-to-day lives. The experience is jarring, and you have to take some time to reintegrate back to your accustomed daily life and surroundings.

The past couple of years put so much of our lives on hold, taking each of us to a place that we’ve never been before, both in our outward lives and internally. Now that things are starting back up, we are in this in-between or liminal place. Let me share some examples.

In our personal lives, we’re not back where we used to be, but we’re out of isolation and lockdown. The pandemic is not completely over, but we’re out of the danger zone. Most of us are vaccinated, boosted, and/or have had the disease at least once and survived, but we are still at risk of catching the latest variant of the virus and getting pretty sick. 

Financially, many people are still struggling, while others have become wealthier through this time. Many Americans cannot pay rent, and California still has an eviction moratorium in place, while others are standing in line to buy homes costing more than a million dollars – in cash.

And at the corporate and political level, some large companies, like Google and Apple, want their employees to return to the office, while others are offering remote work 100% of the time. The US and its allies withdrew from Afghanistan, but many countries are embroiled in conflict with Russia over Ukraine. And the US has moved on from former President Trump, but he’s all over the news, and is favored to run again in 2024. Many parents are angry and concerned about their children’s education and mental health and are ready to express themselves at the voting booth, or even in protests. 

We are seeing these opposites at play across our world constantly, and people are left confused, often feeling unable to make decisions that impact their future.

It’s important for each of us to find a way forward through all of this. In order to help this process, I have put together an intentional community where we come together and connect through fire talks and meditation while deepening our spiritual connection to each other, the earth, and the planet as a whole. Here we help one another navigate these stormy waters as a community, rather than individually.

In our bi-weekly online group we will gather to share and learn about principles that are life-promoting and life-enhancing. Our group will run for 5 sessions and start over again with new people who want to join. Each session is an hour long and every meeting covers a specific topic that applies to navigating daily life through the pandemic era. People who want to further deepen their experience can also meet with me individually.   

The group is open to anyone who’s interested, whether you are deepening your meditation practice, or learning to develop a practice. You will learn to apply the principles that I will be teaching to daily life. 

If you’re interested in joining this sacred circle, please contact me through email or phone. I think you will find the spiritual work to be at least energizing, if not enlightening. 

With love and blessings,

Dr. Ellie

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